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Camping is fun and a great way to get in touch with nature. But since you will be away from many amenities, you need to make sure you are prepared. One way to ensure you have a great trip is to bring one of the best camping canopies with you. While most people think that your camping tent is the most important part of your trip, the truth is that most people do not stay in their tents when they are not sleeping. Camping canopies provide a relaxing or dining area that can be protected from the sun and rain. They are great for camping with family or friends and can provide additional overnight storage if your tent is full. Some even have walls to protect you from bugs and wind. Some of the most popular canopies are from the Coleman Instant Canopy line, offering quality outdoor protection at a competitive price.

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Coleman Instant Beach Canopy, 13 x 13 Feet

Coleman’s 13 x 13-foot Homecoming Instant Shelter provides a simple, convenient shelter in your backyard, campground, sporting event, or wherever you need reliable shade from the sun. the Shelter’s sturdy one-piece steel frame installs quickly and easily in just three minutes and features Coleman’s exclusive push-button release lever to keep your fingers stay secure. The heavy-duty Shelter Canopy gives you instant hexagonal shelter with a center height of 8 feet 4 inches and also features SPF 50+ UV protection to protect against the sun’s rays.

Coleman Instant Canopy, 5 x 7 Feet

Quickly provide comfort and shelter for any outdoor gathering with the Coleman Instant Canopy. In three minutes and three easy steps, this 7-foot by 5-foot canopy tent sets up to provide 35 square feet of shade. The rectangular design and vaulted ceiling create a spacious canopy for sporting events and camping, and the canopy’s heavy-duty UV protection material provides 50+ UPF. The ergonomically designed comfort grip allows you to set and lock the lightweight telescoping poles that support this outdoor canopy without reaching overhead.

What Are The Main Types Of Canopy Tents?

Understanding the differences between the main types of canopy tents will not only help you use them properly, but will also allow you to make an informed decision when buying one. The following are the three main types of canopy tents and their benefits:

Pop-up canopy

Pop-up canopies, also known as Instant Canopy, are very user-friendly. These canopies are lightweight, portable, and very easy to set up - one person can set these up effortlessly. Ideally, pop tops are designated for short-term use. Perhaps, for a camping trip, a beach day, or even a themed surprise date for your significant other. Pop-up canopies are the least expensive type of canopy and therefore the most convenient option.

Frame Tents

Frame tents do not have a center pole, but do have poles on the sides. They are also suitable for temporary use. Many people tend to use these for carports or garages. They are easy to carry, but not as desirable as pop-up canopies used for transportation purposes.

Pole Tents

These are large tents that are used for outdoor events such as circuses or wedding receptions. Pole tents come in all shapes, sizes and styles. While they are durable, making the effort to set them up is no child's play.

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Coleman Light & Fast, 10 x 10 Feet

Take some cool shade with you with the Coleman Light and Fast 10 x 10 Instant Sun Shelter that's lightweight and fits into smaller spaces. The minimalist frame design makes this shelter weigh up to 10 lbs. lighter than the comparable Coleman Instant Sun Shelter. But it still only takes about three minutes and three steps to set up 100 square feet of shade, including a wide eave that extends into the shelter's smaller footprint. Thanks to pinch-free Comfort Grip Lite technology and large enough feet to stand on while you set up your shelter, the telescoping pole is easy to get into place. Once activated, UVGuard material provides 50+ UPF protection from the sun's dangerous rays.

Coleman 10' x 10' Straight Leg Instant Canopy

The Coleman 10' x 10' Straight Leg Instant Canopy Gazebo allows you to have fun and relax on the go. It's easy to set up and ready to use in as little as three minutes. The telescoping poles are lightweight and easy to carry thanks to ergonomically designed comfortable handles. They extend easily to prevent pinching and do not require reaching above your head. The Coleman Instant Canopy is made of durable welded steel that remains stable over concrete and asphalt. It also includes stakes that are securely fastened to soft ground. Heavy-duty 50 plus UPF UV protection material will help block potentially harmful rays from the sun and provide safety and comfort for occupants.

OneSource Rechargeable Camping System

The Coleman One Source 10 x 10 canopy shelter tent with LED lighting and rechargeable batteries keeps the party going with its 16 colors to match your team's colors or mood. The shelter also offers UPF 50+ protection during the day and is part of a system that uses rechargeable batteries to power outdoor gear that can be used interchangeably in a range of compatible devices, including lanterns, flashlights, wireless speakers, air pumps and camping tents (sold separately). The lithium-ion battery can be easily charged from a wall outlet, vehicle, universal power pack or other One Source batteries via the included USB cable.

What Do You Look For When Buying A Canopy?

In addition to choosing the right type, it’s important to consider a number of other key factors before selecting the ideal canopy. Here are some that can help you:


The size of your tent is the most important thing you should pay attention to. It is also the ultimate key to choosing your canopy type, as pop-up and instant canopies range in size between 4 x 6 feet and 10 x 10 feet. However, the larger options are frame or pole tents that can be larger. The latter are designed for larger events and may measure around 10 x 20 feet.


It’s important to choose a tent with a reliable fabric. You will be exposing your canopy to rain, strong winds, sun rays and the wear and tear of unexpected transportation and weather conditions. Therefore, it’s important to choose a canopy that is long-lasting and durable.


When it comes to weight, it is critical to find a canopy that is heavy enough to withstand the weather conditions and light enough to carry around. You don’t want to stress over your canopy being blown over by the breeze. You certainly don’t want to worry about transporting it to the point where it stresses you out.

Easy to set up

Pop-up canopy tents come with a quick and easy setup process, which is why we love these! Even with a frame and pole canopy, you’ll want to choose a tent that doesn’t use complicated rocket science for setup.

Frame Material

The frame material for most canopies is metal or aluminum. If you are going for a large tent, it may be difficult to carry all those metal poles. Therefore, make sure you don’t chew more than you can chew.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Do Roof Vents Really Keep The Coleman Canopy Cooler Cool?

If you pair it with an unvented canopy, it makes a big difference. You get significantly more airflow from the ceiling vents. It draws in cool air while allowing warm air to rise and escape.

How Well Do Coleman Canopies Resist Wind?

Although they are self-contained, we always recommend that you tie them up. Ropes and steel stakes are provided for you, but if you are going to be in high winds, then we recommend that you may use your own heavier stakes. The weight of the canopy tied to your feet is also a good idea to reduce their weight if you are expecting strong winds.

How Do The Sidewalls On The Coleman Canopy Work?

The sidewall is already attached to the structure and it serves two purposes. You can use it as extra protection from the sun, or swing it up and it will act as a huge awning.