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Camping is a great way to get back to nature, and you can camp in many state and national parks, private campgrounds, remote areas and even your own backyard. Part of the fun of camping is that it requires very little equipment to survive in the outdoors, but that doesn’t mean it has to be uncomfortable or spartan. Whether you need a new recliner or a table for your family to gather, Coleman has you covered. Here are some great online options that can instantly improve your camping experience.

Hot Camping Furniture

Coleman Camping Cot, Air Mattress, and Pump Combo

Wherever the adventure takes you, enjoy the enhanced comfort of the Coleman camping bed and 7-inch thick queen inflatable mattress combination side table, including the pump. The inflatable bed stays inflated all night thanks to a leak-proof system, while the advanced coil construction provides better support. This cot can accommodate two 300-pound adults.

Coleman Camping Chair with Built-in 4 Can Cooler

Enjoy a cold drink at the campsite, a barbecue or a picnic with the Coleman Cooler Quad chair. The seat is 24 inches and folds easily into a tote bag. The cooler built into the armrest holds up to 4 cans and allows for easy access to one cold drink, the one in the mesh cup holder is empty. The fully upholstered seat and backrest will only make you more relaxed as you sip your favorite beverage.

Coleman Trailhead II Folding Camping Cot

This Coleman cot is designed with a sturdy steel frame and double crossbars for stability, rigidity and dependability. At the end of a long day, you’ll be glad to see a reliable backup that’s easy to assemble and folds into a compact size for ease of use while camping, hiking, fishing or traveling. With a height of up to 6 feet 2 inches, the cot allows you to stay elevated and support up to 300 pounds.

Coleman Aluminum Outdoor Camping Folding Table

Play cards or enjoy a meal at the Coleman Compact Aluminum Table campground. This ultra-portable table can also be used as a hydration station for kids’ ball games or backyard picnics. Includes snap-on design that can be easily installed and removed. Provides plenty of seating space for 4 people. Aluminum slat top rolls up for simple, compact storage Sturdy steel frame supports most items.

Coleman Furniture Features

Camp Seating

Sit back and count the constellations on Coleman's Big and Tall camping chair, with an oversized seat and wide base for balanced stability. Lean back on the heavy-duty camping chair and you can count on the reinforced steel frame of this oversized camping chair to comfortably support up to 600 pounds. Relax and breathe in the fresh air as only pine trees can in Coleman's Woodsman II Lightweight Camping Chair, which offers a comfortable cloth seat with a maximum weight capacity of 225 pounds. The compact design of this folding camping chair also features a wide backrest for left and right support. So sit back in Coleman's outdoor chairs and enjoy your meals made with the durable outdoor grill and portable camping stove.

Camping Cots

Coleman camping cots are everything you need to get the best night's sleep. Find cribs in a variety of sizes, including full and queen sizes, so you can enjoy the convenience of Coleman camping gear for outdoor recreation. Rest comfortably by the pool or avoid sleepless nights on the cold ground with a Coleman Trailhead II camping cot. Sleeping outside? You don't have to give up the comfort of an actual bed - the Coleman Mantis Space Saving full-size cot saves up to 30% more storage space than the Coleman Trailhead II cot, which means you can fit more gear in your trunk. These full-size cribs add stability to ensure a good night's sleep on any terrain. Discover these backpacking cot and more for your next trip.

More Camping Furniture

Coleman Camping Cot with Sleeping Pad

Get the comfortable rest you need before enjoying a day of outdoor fun in the ComfortSmart Camping cot with Sleeping Pad. The folding cot keeps you elevated on cold ground, and the thick foam sleeping pad provides cushioning to keep you comfortable all night long. The mattress is 1.75 inches thick, which is more than adequate for general use.

Coleman Camp Chair with Side Table

Coleman's aluminum camping chair with side table has an integrated cup holder to make eating outdoors easier, and the table flips over when you're done eating lunch. The reclined seating position, padded back and padded arms allow you to relax in comfort for hours. 20.5 in. wide; 17 in. high, with a maximum weight capacity of 225 lbs.

Coleman Big-N-Tall Quad Camping Chair

Enjoy an extra spacious seat on your next camping trip, picnic or backyard barbecue with the large and tall camping chair. With an oversized design and large legs, this folding chair offers superior stability and plenty of room to rest and relax. The sturdy steel frame can withstand up to 600 pounds of weight and will stand up to years of rugged use.

Coleman Pack-Away Camping Cot

Enjoy a comfortable night's sleep in a Coleman cot while camping. The cot offers a sleeping space of 80 in. x 32 in. That's plenty of room for someone up to 6.6 feet tall, and it can handle up to 300 pounds of weight. They are constructed with a durable steel frame covered with tough polyester. In addition, each cot has a removable side table with cup holders.

Coleman Converta Portable Folding Cot

With the Coleman Converta cot, you can sleep comfortably in one position at night and rest in another position during the day. With four back and two foot positions, you can define your own comfort level. The sturdy steel frame will ensure that you always have a good place to sleep. When you're packing, the cot folds up to fit in the trunk of most cars.

Coleman Pack-Away Portable Kitchen

Easily set up a portable kitchen at a campground or outdoor cookout by extending the Coleman Pack-Away Folding Camp Kitchen's aluminum frame and snapping it onto its sturdy fiberboard countertop. When secure, the outdoor kitchen offers a spacious prep area with side tables to accommodate most Coleman stoves and coolers.

Coleman 4-in-1 Pack-Away Folding Table

Whether you're camping, enjoying a drink at a tailgate party, or just looking for some sturdy extra tabletop space, the Coleman Pack-Away 4-in-1 is a sturdy, versatile folding table that comes with a variety of convenient configurations. You can connect two tables end to end to create a long buffet table, or place classic square tables side by side.

Coleman Outpost Breeze Folding Deck Chair

Turn your backyard deck into a living room with the Coleman Outpost Breeze Recliner. The mesh backrest lets the breeze cool you on hot days, and the reclined seating position and padded, solid arms let you relax in comfort for hours. The sturdy steel frame will ensure you always have a great seat for season after season of relaxation.

Coleman Utopia Breeze Camping Chair

Relax at the beach or park on the Coleman Utopia Breeze Folding Beach Chair. Weighing just 5.3 pounds, this lightweight folding chair combines portability with a unique design that combines portability with a low-to-the-ground design so you can stretch your legs on the beach. Spacious 21-inch seat with a relaxing backrest.

Coleman Living Collection Sling Chair

The Coleman Living Collection Lift Chair is your new choice for relaxing in the great outdoors. Featuring a lightweight steel-reinforced aluminum frame, the chair is easy to move and strong enough to support 250 pounds. Natural wood arms add a stylish look that's perfect for decks or luxury camping trips.

Coleman Living Collection Folding Bench

The Coleman Living Collection bench seats 2 and supports 450 pounds, so go ahead and share or have it all to yourself. Whether you're in the backyard or at the campsite, the lightweight frame is easy to move around. Natural wood armrests add a stylish look that's perfect for a patio or luxury camping trip.

Why Should I Use A Camping Chair?

If you’re on the fence about whether a Coleman camping chair is a good investment, consider some of the key benefits. The reason most people choose to carry a camping chair is to provide extra comfort. Without a soft and supportive camping chair, you’ll likely have to sit on the ground, stumps, rocks or picnic benches if you’re lucky.

Coleman camping chairs can also help keep you warm on cold nights in the woods by leaving extra space and insulation between you and the cold air and ground. coleman camping chairs are not limited to camping as they can be used for many sporting events, concerts, picnics, tailgate parties, and even as extra seating in your backyard or patio.

Chair Styles

There are many different camping chairs to choose from, from the classic four-legged camping chair to rocking chairs, recliners, stadium seating, and even options for two. Before choosing the model that best suits your needs, consider how the chair is most likely to be used, the type of terrain, and who will be using it.

What To Look For In A Quality Coleman Camping Chair


Coleman camping chairs are designed to be lightweight and easy to transport from your vehicle to your campground, concert or park. Some Coleman camping chairs will be lighter than others, making them more suitable for long hauls or hiking trips. Coleman chairs will also use an overall weight limit that states the maximum recommended capacity. This can range from approximately 150 pounds to 600 pounds.


Similar to the weight of the chair, the size and height will also influence your decision. The best Coleman camping chairs will be the ones that best fit your body type and preferred seating position. Some Coleman chairs will be designed to sit lower, making them ideal for sitting around a campfire or watching a concert. Others will offer more elevator and be more suitable for sitting around a table or having a picnic with friends.


If you're looking for maximum comfort, choose a Coleman camping chair with a wide seat and plenty of cushioning, especially if you plan to sit for long periods of time. Heavier chairs are more likely to include extra padding for added comfort.


Coleman camping chairs are available in a variety of colors and patterns, so you can choose the model you prefer. Additional features included in many Coleman models. ( Includes: Multiple cup holders. Storage pockets. Built-in cooler. Upholstered seats and more)