Coleman Saluspa

There’s nothing better than the feeling of sinking into a warm, bubbling hot tub at the end of a busy workday, and now you can enjoy your own spa-like hot tub at home thanks to the Coleman SaluSpa, which offers enough space for up to six people with 140 air jets to revitalize your sore muscles. Simply use the digital control panel to select the water temperature and jet pressure, then let the jets go to work. Whether you’re enjoying a blissful evening soak or a full-on soak afterwards, the Coleman Hot Tub has you covered.The Coleman SaluSpa is easy to set up and operate, can be inflated or deflated with the provided pump, and the lift handle makes moving it around your deck or yard a breeze. It can also be folded up and put away when not in use.

Hot Sale Coleman Saluspa

Coleman SaluSpa Miami 71" x 26" 4 Person

AirJet bubbles are released from the bottom of the spa, creating a warm, bubbling hot tub environment. These soothing bubbles will help you relax and unwind. This spa’s inflatable wall is made of durable, puncture-resistant, UV-resistant Tritech material that prevents damage and retains its shape no matter how many times it is inflated and deflated. The spa comes with a reinforced cover with safety clips to provide additional insulation.


Coleman Lay Z Spa 77" x 28" 4 Person

The AirJet system features 140 nozzles that release bubbles from the bottom of the spa to create a warm, bubbling hot tub environment. These soothing bubbles will help you relax and unwind in the comfort of your own home. The spa’s inflatable walls and interior beams are made of durable, puncture-resistant DuraPlus material to prevent damage. This type of interior construction prevents stretching and swelling, making the spa durable.

Coleman 13804-BW SaluSpa 4 Person

The Coleman 13804-BW SaluSpa is an inflatable hot tub that can accommodate up to 4 people. The rapid heating system quickly heats the water to a soothing 104 degrees with 60 surrounding air jets. The digital control panel allows you to adjust the temperature without leaving the tub. The cartridge filters out debris and dirt from the above-ground pool so the pump can be refilled with clean pool water.


Coleman SaluSpa Hawaii 71" x 26" 4 Person

The hot tub expands in minutes and the rapid heating system quickly heats the water to 104 degrees. The hot temperature combined with the AirJet massage system is perfect for soothing sore muscles or relaxing after a long day. A digital control panel allows you to adjust the temperature to find the perfect fit. The inflatable wall is made of 3 layers of material for durability and great comfort. The package also includes a chemical float to keep your spa clean.

Coleman Saluspa Features

Filtration System

It is necessary to have a quality filtration system to keep your hot tub running properly. A filtration system will remove dirt and debris while circulating clean water back into the hot tub. This helps prevent the buildup of bacteria and other potentially harmful particles, and Coleman hot tubs feature a multi-functional filtration system that combines a heat pump and filtration system in one.

Lay-z Massage

Many Coleman hot tubs use the Lay-Z Massage System, which combines bubbles and heat from the pump to create a luxurious relaxation system. A control panel on the hot tub allows you to adjust the temperature and regulate the flow of bubbles.

Design and Accessories

The Coleman SaluSpa hot tub line comes in a variety of colors and designs, each with its own specific features. some hot tubs in the SaluSpa line include instructional DVDs, insulated covers, filtration systems, floor cloths, inflatable hoses, chemical floats, heavy-duty rip patches and ChemConnect chemical dispensers.

Materials and Durability

Coleman inflatable hot tubs consist of three layers of PVC as a shell with a reinforced polyester mesh in between. In fact, this material and construction is extremely durable and puncture resistant, making it ideal for installation and normal wear and tear. The walls are built with vertical air pockets that act as I-beams; this provides shape, strength and stability that will last for years.

A variety of colors are available, including black, green or orange. Most people prefer the standard green and white because it complements the colors of their lawn or garden. You can place this inflatable hot tub on any surface to maintain its fill weight plus the weight of the individual planning to enjoy this tub. We recommend placing it on a sturdy surface such as a lawn, sidewalk, concrete or stone.

In addition, the insulated floor and cover help keep the heat out of the water. Overall, while an insulated floor provides more cushioning for the feet, the materials and construction of this inflatable floor are simple, practical, and durable.

Easy To Set Up And Maintain

Setup of the Coleman SaluSpa is quick and easy. It takes about 40 minutes to unpack, set up and fill. On the other hand, it’s important to remember that the hot tub takes up to 24 hours to heat up to its maximum temperature (104 degrees), depending on your initial water temperature; it heats water slowly compared to some other tubs. In addition, maintenance is easy as long as it’s done regularly.

In addition to the aerated spa, Coleman includes a filter cartridge, a chemical float, a patch and maintenance instructions. It’s wise to stock up on extra filters because they constantly clean the water, and it’s important to replace them as soon as they get dirty.

Special Features

The Coleman SaluSpa includes 114 bubble jets for relaxing and soothing massages and heat packs; they include just the right number of bubble jets to seemingly relieve pain, stress and tension.

A digital control panel allows you to easily control the temperature and bubble jets, while a timer allows you to set the temperature up to three days (72 hours) in advance.

Finally, this inflatable hot tub confirms when your water temperature falls below your preferred temperature and will automatically turn on the heater to make sure you never get cold. That said, you can’t use the bubble jet and the heater at the same time.

Coleman Saluspa Frequently Asked Questions

Is a hot tub hygienic?

A hot tub is only unhygienic if it is not cleaned regularly. It is not difficult to clean a hot tub. If you use it regularly, a light cleaning once a week is recommended. Make sure to completely empty the hot tub every few months to clean it thoroughly.

Does the Coleman SaluSpa get hot?

The Coleman SaluSpa can reach temperatures of 104 degrees Fahrenheit. The water is heated at a slower than average rate of 2-3 degrees Fahrenheit per hour.

How much electricity does the Coleman SaluSpa use?

The Coleman SaluSpa inflatable hot tub uses 1.25 kilowatts per hour when heating the water and 650 watts per hour when using the bubble jets.

How long will an inflatable hot tub last?

With proper maintenance and care, a hot tub can last 5-7 years. the Coleman SaluSpa can last up to 7 years because of its durable materials and construction.